Blossom Glue "S" for professional eyelash extension, Drying Time 3~5 sec, Lasting Time 4~5 weeks

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We are a Korean company that manufacturing Glue for professional eyelash extension

Our factory is located in South Korea.

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We are a Korean company that manufacturing Glue for professional eyelash extension.

Our factory is located in South Korea.

Blossom Glue "S" for professional eyelash extension

◐ Product Name : Blossom Glue "S"
◐ Components of the product : 
glue, Container bottle, alminum package, pin, Silica desiccant

◐ Drying time : 3~5 seconds
◐ Lasting time : 4~5 weeks (If you use with glue primer, it is more long 1~2 weeks)
◐ Bonding Strength : Vert Good

◐ Stimulation : Moderate
◐ Viscosity : Moderate
◐ Odor(Smell) : Slight
◐ Using : for Professional
◐ Color : 
black or clear
◐ Volume : 10ml or 5ml

 Quality Assurance is as follows ;
1) After SGS test report, it is safey.  
2) Manufacturer has been approved by ITQA to Quality Management System standards ISO 9001:2008 / KS Q ISO 9001:2009
3) Manufacturer has been approved by ITQA to Environment Management System standards ISO 14001:2004 / KS I ISO : 14001:2009

- Excellent adhesion and special container for long-term use without deterioration
- Desiccant for keeping glue fresh and Glue pin for convenient use when glue is clogged
- Packed in aluminum zipper pack for safe distribution and storage of glue. (After completing the disadvantages of glue that is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and moisture, it is packed in an aluminum zipper pack for easy storage after use.)

◐ Precautions when using the product

- Please, Do not use for other than eyelash application.
- Do not let glue touch skin and eyes
- After opening, keep the cap closed and discard it after 2 months from opening.
- Avoid direct sunlight 1 hour before the procedure and store at room temperature.
- During the procedure, there may be a shortening of the eyes, but the glue disappears completely as the glue is completely cured.
- Ideal environment for eyelash extension is 25C ~ 28C temperature and 50 ~ 70% humidity.
- If you have glaucoma in your eyes, or if you have trouble or skin allergies, please consult a specialist.

◐ Tips for using glue 

- If you do not use glue, it is recommended to keep it at a low temperature. If possible, refrigerate in a refrigerator for a long time.
- Glue should be stored upright. If you keep it in a tipping state, the hardening speed can be accelerated.
- If you store it in the refrigerator, it is more effective when you put it at room temperature before 1 ~ 2 hours before the procedure.
- The shelf life of glue is about 6 months from the date of purchase and about 2 months at the time of opening.

Shippig, Payment, OEM/ODM

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Photos of Product

Photo 1 of  Glue for eyelash extension

Photo 2 of Glue for eyelash extension

Photo 3 of Glue for eyelash extension


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