Black Cherry Flat Lash for individual false matte eyelash extension Made by Korean Maker

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Black Cherry Flat Eyelashes made by Korean Maker

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What is Black Cherry Flat Lashes? 

The most Lightest and softest eyelashes as like feathers in the world

1. There is no feeling of wearing after eyelash extension procedure. because of the most softest and lightest like feathers, downy hairs.

2. It is a product leading fashion trends with black color and has an excellent elasticity to retain after eyelash extension procedure.

3. This flat eyelashes use oval type processing technique to increase the surface area for glue adhesion, so it strengthens the retentivity after eyelash extension procedure.

4. It is a product made using Japanese raw materials Information of this eyelashes


☞ Color : Black

☞ Types of Curl : A(J) / B(JC) / C / D(CC) / D+ /  L  /  L+

☞ Thickness (mm) : 0.10 / 0.15 / 0.20

☞ Length (mm)

- Single length : 7mm / 8mm / 9mm / 10mm / 11mm / 12mm / 13mm / 14mm / 15mm

- Mixed lentth : 7~15mm


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id : har0204

The product I've experienced this time was Black Cherry Lash, a different feeling Even though the thickness is 0,15,

it is too soft and light, It is like a product that gives me the feel of my eyebrows.

I did the lash extension with a length of 10mm.

I am satisfied with this product! This is a product that also satisfies customers, thank you!

Id : dltmf0701

I've done a lot more softer and lighter.

After the procedure, I was very satisfied that the customer did not feel any weight.

Black Cherry Lash was so satisfying that it was light.

Id : omr81

The new product is as much a hit as I am!

It is a product that is so soft and air fits perfectly.

So, it is the person who does not have the number of the experience visitor, but it is the state which is enriched even more without increase.

I feel like I need to add one more line to the good one!

id : syh4025

I applied black cherry lash to a customer who did not have enough lashes.

After she extended how light and sweet she was, she was happy to see that she was very satisfied.

We have been able to use top quality eyelashes for a long time I want to try it by length by curl types

id : nreebok

Our customers are completely satisfied after the extension.

She said it was light and really comfortable !!

I'm too happy to extend Good price, good material, good workmanship, nice lashes.