Mascara Coating for eye make up

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We are a Korean company that manufacturing Mascara Coating for eye make up

Our factory is located in South Korea.

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We are a Korean company that manufacturing Eye Cosmetics for eye make up.

Our factory is located in South Korea.

Mascara Coating for Eye Make Up

▶ Product name : Sexy Eye Mascara Coating

▶ Volume : 10ml 

▶ Main Ingredients : Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, Methylparaben, Alcohol, Purified water, PVP, Collagen, etc.

▶ Color  Transparent (Clear)

▶ Country of manufacture : Made in South Korea

▶ Effect at application of the coating agent

1)  Coating protective film is formed and blocks water and salt.
2)  As water and salt are blocked, the persistency of glue is enhanced.
3)  It prevent the eyelashes from getting tangled.
4)  It is of a mascara type easy to use. 

▶ Features of Product

1. It is a product effective for enhancement of retentivity after eyelash extension procedure by forming coating filmand keeps the airs glossy.
2. It keeps the life of eyelash extension longer and gives a glossy feeling after application because it is a transparent product.
3. The glue is not affected even if it is used together with the glue for extension

▶ Use :  Product effective for enhancement of retentivity after eyelash extension procedure by forming coating film.

It is a mascara type coating agent used after eyelash extension procedure.

The coating agent forms coating film on the extension area between original hairs and false hairs after eyelash extension procedure which supplies nutrients to the eyelashes weakened due to the procedure, and forms coating film on glue surface vulnerable to water and salt, which enhances the persistency of glue and helps to retain more elastic and volume-up eyelashes.

How to Use

1. Open the container, stain a mascara brush with a certain amount of the coating solution and apply it over eyelashes.
2. The mascara solution may be clumped as it is exposed to the air, so it is better to comb them evenly with a comb after application of the coating solution.




1. Note that if a brush is put in and out frequently, the brush texture and formula may be hardened and avoid exposing it to moisture.
2. Be careful that it does not run into the eyes and if any symptom such as red spots, itching, irritation, swollenness, etc. occurs, stop using it.
3. Avoid applying over the wounds or the areas affected by skin disease.
4. Keep it out of reach of children’s hand, and if itching, rashes, etc. occur, immediately stop using it.
5. Make sure to keep it with the cap tightly closed after use.

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